About Me

BSM ImageBrant Mittler has practiced medicine in San Antonio, Texas since 1976.  He has practiced law in San Antonio since November 2001.  For 22 years Brant Mittler was a full time cardiologist in private practice.  He did his undergraduate work at Harvard College, his medical school and cardiology training at Duke and graduated from St Mary’s University School of Law in 2001.  He had formal training in health policy at both Johns Hopkins and Duke as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar.  His writings about health care policy have appeared in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the San Antonio Express News, Forbes MediaCritic, Investor’s Business Daily, and the Providence Journal.  From 1988 – 1994 he provided weekly presentations on healthcare issues for KENS-TV, the CBS affiliate in San Antonio.  He has appeared on ABC-TV’s World News Tonight, the NBC Nightly News, CNN and Good Morning America discussing health care policy.  He has served as a technical advisor to ABC-TV in their investigation of health care issues.  He maintains an active adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Medicine at Duke.  Dr. Mittler has served as an expert witness in both state and federal courts.  Dr. Mittler’s views and opinions expressed in this Blog are his and his alone and do not reflect the views of  Duke University,   its medical center, or faculty.   


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